i LOVE mosquito....

i look like a fly than a mosquito...

i love mosquito
because you kiss me on my face not once but several kisses you give last night
i love mosquito
because you make me feel touching my face every moment i feel itchy
i love mosquito
because i have lessen my time to dress up since i dun look good with the love mark you give me
i love mosquito
because of you i cant put make up on my face
i love mosquito
because you can easily kill by Ridsect im gonna put on your enemy tonight...

aarhhhh........please take away all the mark tis stupid mosquito give me...
can you imagine have 8 mosquito bite on your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
y i sleep so pig last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so .....dun believe me if i say i love you...........


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